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If you are looking to book, please do so as soon as you can.  We will most likely be fully booked every weekend this summer and fall!  Reserve your day and time as soon as you can!

Please text/call us at 210-699-4460 with questions.

GellyBall Party Booking Request

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Why Gellyball?

GellyBall Blaster holds 750 shots without reloading! Just pull the trigger and they shoot!  The Gellballs accurately shoot out to 100 feet and travel at 180-220fps!


GellyBall beads are non-toxic, non-staining, and biodegradable. They are safe for pets, yards, and people! They are water-hydrated and will shrink to a tiny size before disintegrating entirely – no mess, no clean-up!

Ultra-Low Impact

There is no pain like paintball.  Gellyball uses a polymer orb that when water is added it becomes 8mm in size. Upon impact shatters and leaves a small water drop. Low impact means less sting and no bruising.  It feels like a big raindrop.

Not Just For Kids

GellyBall wars are great for kids of all ages! We get requests for GellyBall games at company team building events, bachelor parties, school outings, block parties, and more.